Those Classy Palins, Ctd

A reader writes:

I have to call you out for calling out Willow.

What she said was disgusting, but kids say disgusting things.  Her parents and her sister may have chosen to make themselves public figures, but she has not.  Unless any random teen's use of an epithet - even in a public space such as Facebook - merits the same public scrutiny from adults, you should leave Willow alone.  She's her mother's daughter, not her mother.

I will leave these people alone when their mother stops parading them as political props. Another writes:

It seems that the spin on the Willow Palin Facebook incident is, "Well, teens talk like this". However, if you take both Willow and Bristol's comments at face value and combine that with the video of the Palin kid berating the woman who hung up the anti-Sarah banner on her own property, an ugly picture surfaces. Like their mother, the Palin kids appear to have a careening sense of entitlement and a willingness to berate anyone within earshot about their unearned privilege. For such allegedly salt-of-the-earth people, the Palins must have strained shoulders from all the times they've patted themselves on the back in public.

Can you imagine the 24/7 media firestorm if Obama's kids had done even a fraction of what the Palin kids have done?

Another asks:

What would have happened had Willow called her classmate a "retard"?