The TSA Freakout, Ctd

Josh Marshall yawns in its general direction:

It's looking like 'pat-downs' is this year's winter equivalent of shark attacks. Good cable fare but generally a total crock. I have not flown since any of this started. So I don't know any of it from personal experience. But my general reaction is what a complete joke the reaction seems to be. We're going on ten years in which we've been conditioned to think that terrorism is such a threat that really any expense -- literal or no -- is warranted in preventing it. Vast wars leading to thousands of American dead and hundreds of billions of dollars of expense. Vast numbers of Iraqis or Afghans dead. No price too high to pay. Various constitutional protections dispensed with? No problem. And if you think it's a problem get in the line marked "Pansy Weak-Kneed Terror Lovers" not the line for "Real Americans". They'll process you're application there. But a simple pat-down, which might be a little awkward and weird, but basically who cares? Well, geez, life and security bought at too high a price is just not worth it.