The Simpson-Bowles Breakthrough, Ctd

Kevin Drum complained that the Simpson-Bowles planĀ "turns suddenly vague and cramped when it gets to Medicare." Not so. Here's Don Taylor:

My bottom line is that the health aspects of the 'Chairman's mark' are tough, good and balanced policies. I like the health aspects more than I like the Social Security aspects of the plan ... The most important aspect of the chairman's mark for health policy is that it provides a route to a doc fix in the very short run and draws bright attention to the role of tax expenditures generally, and the tax preference of employer paid insurance, particularly. It also moves to expand the [Independent Payment Advisory Board] IPAB in ways that will allow for the nitty gritty of health policy to move out of Congress, and into a more expert driven model. I think this is good. I also think the notion of some sort of cap in growth rate in health care is good (not sure if GDP + 1% realistic in 10 years) and is the type of thing that Congress should be doing.