The Secret Gardener, Ctd

A reader writes:

Hey man, you gotta call this cat out. No one should be allowing a 4-year-old to help in the trimming of weed. I understand it's not a lot of weed, and I'm a huge stoner, and whatever. My old man grows a small batch of herb for himself and whatever ... I get it, it's not that bad. But your 4 YEAR OLD?! That's just not cool.

I know weed is decriminalized in Massachusetts, but it's still illegal, especially to grow. As far as I can tell, the guy pretty much wants his daughter to slip up in an "inappropriate place" and remark that her daddy grows "medicine". It's just not smart on his part. And it's just - c'mon buddy, she's FOUR!  Have a little class! This is an ADULT product, like alcohol. That's the argument we're all trying to make here. Massholes like this are the reason people say stoners are criminals.

Agreed.  (Though Masshole's a new one.)