The Real Auschwitz? Ctd

A reader writes:

While you're considering the validity of Uve Boll's Auschwitz film, consider that there is every indication that he filmed it simultaneously to and sharing assets (costumes, sets, &c) with these two films.

Ugh. Another writes:

You should just know that Uwe Boll is a purveyor of the worst, exploitative dreck who has managed to obtain licensing rights to a number of videogame intellectual properties and then go on to kill those properties with ungodly bad films.

Because he unfortunately works in two genres close to my heart -- videogames and horror films -- I've seen his work, I've read his interviews and I have no doubt that having this man turn the horrors of Auschwitz into just another torture-porn horror film like Hostel or Saw is just a stain on the collective soul of humanity.

Really, dude, he's that fucking bad.