The Olbermann Soft Shoe Shuffle

Will Wilkinson excoriates MSNBC:

I know it's in the interests of big media to pretend money in politics is a huge problem while passing off its own outrageously unequal influence as some kind of noble public service, but who does MSNBC think it's kidding? Say what you will about Fox News, at least it doesn't insult our intelligence in this way.

Will will get his wish. Olbermann will be back tomorrow. Doug Mataconis reacts:

The length of the “suspension” leads credence to the theory that the whole thing was a publicity stunt designed to support MSNBC’s assertion that its opinion shows are somehow more pure than the shows on FOX.

It's never that clever. This was almost certainly a clusterfuck, and an attempt by the boss to exercize public control over a star. The control lasted a few days.