The Market For Foreskins, Ctd

A reader writes:

I know circumcision has been a topic of particular interest and passion for you.  When I saw your latest post, and the incredulity therein, I had to reply.  About two years ago I had foot surgery to remove a juvenile bunion from my foot.

Long story short, my recovery was complicated - I have an auto-immune disorder and I was the one-in-thousands that rejected a tendon graft - and I had an open wound on my foot which would not close on its own.  I was even hooked up to a medical vacuum for several weeks in an attempt to close the wound. 

The thing that finally did it?  A skin graft made from foreskin cells.  As I recall, my doctor informed me that one foreskin could produce over a football field size of these kinds of grafts. But I concede that the face cream is silly.