The Great Wall Of Sarah

John Dickerson left a comment on Palin's Facebook wall:

I wanted to see if any of the other participants would respond, as they sometimes do. They didn'tbecause within two minutes, my post had been deleted from the steady stream of acclaim from Palin fans congratulating her for tweaking the media and urging her to run for president. It's the first time I've been kicked out of a place of worship. Whoever administers the page for Palin had deleted me so fast I didn't even have a copy of what I'd written. I posted another similar note:

I think Governor Palin and the author are talking about two different time periods. Governor Palin says "everyone who ever goes out shopping for groceries knows that prices have risen significantly over the past year or so." The article she cites, and quotes above, says that the "inflationary tide is //beginning.//" Also, Governor Palin uses the word "significantly" which can't apply to the first nine months of the year (since grocery prices increased at a record slow pace) and if it's just the last couple of months a term like "moderate" might have been more precise. Recent price increases have not been like the 6 percent increase of 2008.

That post was promptly deleted as well.

Dickerson has written about Palin's wall censorship before. A reader provides further proof:

When Sarah Palin (or whoever) started posting on Facebook last year, I held my nose and became a "fan" so I could get her updates straight from the source.  Unable to resist on two or three occasions, I made a couple of replies in the comments thread to point out factual errors or challenge flaws in reasoning - nothing crude or offensive, no name calling, etc. - just innocent objections to the facts as she presents them.

When I read her latest Facebook post, I tried to comment on her selective and misleading quote from Reddy's WSJ piece. But guess what?  I've been permanently BLOCKED from replying to her posts!  

I would understand if I had used profanity or called her names or whatever, but nope, I'm blocked for being just mildly critical of her representation of facts and her strange leaps in reasoning.  We already knew she hides from reporters and refuses to do a real interview, preferring instead to lob grenades from the safety of the Facebook bunker.  I didn't realize the bunker itself was being censored.

When you live in a fantasy world, it is all the more important to police those small nuggets of reality that creep in. Remember: this is the politician who once complained that the press was violating her First Amendment rights. She's still in high school. And which high school bully would ever allow his critics to write on his wall?