The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish, Andrew argued the lack of a real existential threat from Iran in the third installment of Debating Israel-Palestine. Palin advertised for 2012, with a rising sun that is actually setting in reverse, and Tina Fey dusted off her impression. Palin vowed to never be vulnerable to "lamestream" media (of her choosing), Christianists dressed up in Tea Party clothing, and Bristol Palin can't dance but she could win by trying really hard. James Joyner eyed the 2012 front-runners, and Fox didn't want Christine O'Donnell for a news contributor.

Limbaugh's ranting ran counter to Abraham Lincoln and Adam Smith on tax cuts and Obama could be the black Eisenhower. Americans still badly needed jobs, Steve Pizer and Austin Frakt don't think Republicans will repeal healthcare and Dana Goldstein agreed with Obama that education could offer fertile ground for bipartisanship. Reihan supported Paul Ryan's take on taxes, and Ari Fleischer didn't want to ruin chances for spending cuts in 2012 by enacting legislation now. Rudy Giuliani wanted the Republicans to kill DADT already, readers sounded off on redistricting, and Gallup's poll was worse than Rasmussen's.

Kevin Drum looked on Prop 19's bright side, Yglesias joined him, while readers reacted more strongly. Kanye was feeling for Dubya, and with more civility than cable news, Bloggingheads loved to yell at each other. Ugly mugs fell in love, Alex Balk died a little for the McRib, Annie Leibovitz's photography isn't very expensive, and a niche blog of autocorrects made us laugh. Chart of the day here, Yglesias award here, VFYW here, quote for the day here, MHB here, and FOTD here.