The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish, Andrew countered Mark Vernon on civil partnerships and gay marriage and sounded the bells on Israel's eagerness to wage war with Iran. Gates backs an end to DADT, along with the rest of the country and the military. Andrew rebutted readers on the legality of natural plants, and we revisited Norml's pot map and Prop 19 results. Mike Meno wondered if Prop 19 could have passed in 2008, and, from the cannabis closet we got the story of when pot heals pain but could still ruin prospects for employment.

Andrew gagged a little over Politico's piece, and didn't want to underestimate the GOP, while DeMint continued to feed the fiscal fraud lines. Palin edits her own reality (television), Darlene McBride seemed like the pre-Palin Palin, and the Palins go way back with the Morlocks. Scott Adams imagined a world without political parties, and Andrew Sprung flipped his lid on Obama. Olbermann returned, the media nitpicked in predictable ways, and Marc Ambinder removed his blogging pajamas. Churchill may have harbored a dark side, Iraq drifted closer to sectarian war, and the U.S. joined China, Iran, Iraq and Saudi Arabia in using the death penalty the most. Razib Khan considered gridlock, and Obama busted a move.

Comics thrived on the internets, but didn't prevent Nicaragua from invading Costa Rica based on Google Maps. TNC had to explain the police to his son, video games were as dangerous as real life, but they also challenged players to solve climate change. Whole Foods didn't want Dan Ariely's experiments, smart parents don't always produce book-smart kids, and religion helped the health of cities. Quote for the day here, miracle of medical science here, TNR archive favorites here, FOTD here, MHB here, VFYW here and the new VFYW game here.