The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish, Andrew had hope for the Simpson-Bowles proposal to crack down on the debt, with more reax here. He took on Maureen Dowd (and her brother) about the Big Lie of the right, and readers rallied. Andrew expressed shock and dismay at the recent round of Israel's settlement rhetoric, violence raged on London campuses, Afghanistan has developed into a blitzkreig, and sectarian violence surged in Iraq. We rounded up reax to ending DADT, and the new threats to DOMA.

Palin served cookies at a school, but didn't want John Dickerson posting on her wall. This Alaska voter corrected the record on Miller vs. Murkowski, and this one lobbed the head off Limbaugh's twinkie distortion. Andrew rejected this reader's grocery list computations, and Ezra Klein dared the GOP to repeal the popular parts of healthcare reform. Nate Silver comforted the Dems about 2012, we gathered assessments of the GOP's lame horses, and Allahpundit wondered What Would Karl (Rove) Do about a Romney / Mitch Daniels square off.

Sprung danced circles around Krugman on the stimulus, we could learn from Pittsburgh's failures, and jobless claims bottomed out. Dave Roberts added his input to Fallows' coal debate, student stalker Andrew Shirvell could be Fox's new star, Clay Shirky tore down the paywall, and BloggingHeads rocked out. Readers defended Maddow on her partisan honesty, even policy wonks were fleeing the GOP, and Jonah Goldberg was sorry he popularized fascism.

Spam might be worth more than gold since at least you can eat it, and industrious readers shared their weed secrets. Arnold pandered to pot a couple of weeks too late, teenagers needed to know if a joint was similar to birth control, Nate Silver sized up pot's future, and this reader benefited from a foreskin graft (to a foot). Chart of the day here, quote for the day here, beard for the day here, VFYW here, MHB here, FOTD here, and beards? There's an app for that.