The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish, Andrew heralded a huge advance in preventative HIV drugs. We assessed Palin's favorable numbers, Alexandra Petri wondered if Palin was a farce planned to elect Romney, and Andrew asked if Huckabee could outlive his pardon. Palin's TV ratings plummeted, but she was huge among Israel settlers. Shmuel Rosner took issue with Andrew's Likudnik tally, and gestures can mean more than you think in the peace process. Readers defended Twain's distaste for occupations, and TNC was changing Andrew's mind on "ni**er."

North and South Korea clashed, Thomas P.M. Barnett collected his thoughts, and we provided the historic primer. Brian Ulrich highlighted new Iraq revisionism from the 1990s, and fake divorces helped the Chinese get a second home.

Alexis Madrigal wanted to scramble TSA scanners, and we imagined getting patted down as a transgendered person. Peter Smith explained why airline food sucks, Katie Roiphe wondered if parenthood was running wild, and readers had run-ins with urban coyotes. Mark Peters defended the gay as lame definition, and parents airbrushed their children's school photos. Chuck Hassebrook urged us to stop welfare to big ag, cutting earmarks could help the deficit a little, and Mark Kleiman wants to charge you more for drinks. Virginia Postrel chalked up our romance with wind turbines to glamour, and Reihan was drunk on American diversity and choice.

A Midnight Oil, Madonna's American Life, Gypsy Woman, and Where Is The Love were entered into our Shut Up And Sing contest. VFYW here, DADT update here, MHB here, quote for the day here, Malkin award here, short history of the USSR here, Jesus kicking ass on the cross here, FOTD here, and VFYW contest winer #25 here.