The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish, Andrew reviewed the Palin of "Sarah Palin's Alaska," and America debated Obama's turkey pardon. Andrew pushed back on the Vatican's unconscionable position on condoms and HIV, readers contributed their own stories about Truvada, and Elizabeth Pisani searched out the bigger picture. Sarah Palin started a class war over blue bloods, allied with the North Koreans, and Bristol wanted to give the finger to all those who hate her and her mom. Evan Osnos weighed China's options on North Korea, and Conor and Marc Thiessen counted our memories of 9/11. The Likudnik/ Ben Smith debate waged on, with Goldblog adding his two cents, the Soviets ruined Tolstoy, Iraq was still a morass, and Israel gets what Israel wants.

Conor and Bernstein debated whether the presidency was too big for one man, and Pareene hacked away at the worst political hacks. Nyhan assessed the economy's impact on 2012, Chris Christie was the Justin Bieber of politics, and even he rolled his eyes at Palin. Matt Yglesias and Pete Wehner argued over whether our political system is broken while Andrew thought only one party was. Andrew avoided flying, and you can send your TSA stories here.

Whip My Hair got the exorcist treatment, and Kanye was the Sarah Palin of music. Beliefs change, Alex Morgan proposed school vouchers for bullied gay kids, and readers reacted to "that's so gay." Merle Haggard, Pink, Barry McGuire, Michael Jackson were inducted into Shut Up And Sing, and readers defended their preachy lyrics. Yglesias award here, DADT tea leaves here, creepy ad watch here, Malkin award here and here, quote for the day here, VFYW here, MHB here, FOTD here, and poseur alert here.