Tax Cuts Forever! Spending Cuts? TBD

Hugh Hewitt is almost prancing he's so chuffed:

Memo to the GOP: You won.  A huge victory.  Act like it, and start telling the Democrats that losers don't make the rules.  And that begins with the Bush tax cuts which ought to have been made permanent when they were passed and are going to be made permanent now.

A growth agenda looks out as far as the eye can see and tells investment the U.S. will be a low tax country with stable rates that will solve its deficit problem with spending cuts and economic growth, not punishing taxes.  Putting that long-term tax policy in place is job number one, and the detailed and deep spending cuts job number two.

I find Hewitt fascinating because he really does represent what now passes for conservatism: its resistance to history, reality or responsibility. What is irrelevant to such an ideology: the fact that there's no evidence that the Bush tax cuts caused any growth at all; the fact that they were passed by a president who won fewer votes than his opponent; and the fact that the only way they could have passed, given their budgetary consequences, was with a sunset provision.

For the true fanatic, yesterday's most extreme rhetorical maneuver is today's new normal. Toujours l'audace!