Stunts Won't Win The Drug War


New Zealand cannabis activists pushed "a shopping cart full of burning marijuana into the central police station foyer." Scott Morgan isn't amused:

Burning cannabis in public isn’t going to placate people who don't want to smell pot in public places. Acting angry and crazy isn't going help us persuade anyone that we're nice normal people. It doesn’t work that way.

This principle applies not only to zealots playing outrageous pot pranks at the police station. It applies all the time, anywhere and everywhere that the debate over marijuana laws is taking place. If we want to win, we have to earn the respect and trust of people who might otherwise think we all belong behind bars. We have to relate to them, which means any protest idea that seems hilarious to a group of pissed off potheads is probably a terrible plan for changing minds about marijuana laws. And in this case, also a rather ridiculous waste of perfectly good pot.