Shut Up And Sing: Madonna

A reader writes

Probably the worst, and most cringe-worthy political song in pop music history has to be Madonna's "American Life",  in which she simultaneously decries American materialism while reveling in it, and spouts lines like,  "I'd like to express my extreme point of view! I'm not a Christian and I'm not a Jew!".

The original (and subsequently pulled) anti-war video features a bizarre and bloody fashion show in which dismembered American troops are dragged across the catwalk. From her obviously well-earned place in the pantheon of celebrity icons, Madonna in 2003 felt she had some serious moralizing to do - all of which could have been forgiven were the song not so ear-bleedingly awful. "American Life" is pop pretension at its worst: nonsensical, hypocritical, poorly written, and, perhaps most unforgivably, lacking a decent hook!

And so I sit in a defensive crouch, waiting for Aaron to file for divorce.