Shut Up And Sing: John Mayer

A reader writes:

My nomination goes to John Mayer's "Waiting on the World to Change." If you don't pay close attention, it sounds like a classic protest song, but if you actually pay attention to the lyrics, it's an ode to doing nothing.

The first verse ends, "They say we stand for nothing / And there's no way we ever could." Setting up for a defiant rebuttal? Not so much. Second verse: "Now we see everything that's going wrong / With the world and those who lead it / We just feel like we don't have the means / To rise above and beat it." So, what is the response of Mr. Mayer and his friends? Chorus: "So we keep waiting / Waiting on the world to change." This is repeated ad nauseam throughout the song.

The song goes on to list off all the woes of society, and concludes that someday this generation will be in charge and that will make everything better. My eyes may be permanently rolled due to this.

Another writes:

By waiting on the world to change instead of trying to actually change the world himself, Mayer's both musically lame and lazy.