Roger Ailes, Call Your Office

We have a potential Fox News analyst looking for work. Andrew Shirvell, the assistant AG caught stalking a student body president for being gay, has finally been axed:

[Michigan Attorney General Mike] Cox’s office said Monday an investigation showed that Shirvell made additions to the blog during work hours on state computers, and he made telephone calls from work to get Armstrong fired from a summer internship in the Washington, D.C., office of U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.”

David Lat looks at the legality:

In fairness to Shirvell, de minimis use of office computers or telephones for non-work-related purposes shouldn’t be a firing offense.

If it were, many of us would be out of jobs. Shirvell could argue that Cox is merely using the “misuse of state resources” argument as a pretext to fire him for expressing unpopular views.

But Shirvell’s conduct went beyond this. According to Cox, Shirvell also (1) lied to state investigators and (2) engaged in “behavior that, while not perhaps sufficient to charge criminal stalking, was harassing, uninvited and showed a pattern that was in the everyday sense, stalking.”

And it sure didn't help going on the Daily Show. But, as David notes, getting fired because of Jon Stewart is almost a text-book case for FNC/RNC martyrdom. So when's the Fox gig coming?