Quote For The Day

“I lit up right in front of Nick Clegg. I must have taken a good four or five pulls on the spliff before the guards realized what I was doing, and then I went quietly. They said they would put me in a cell under Big Ben, which I said sounds amazing, like the most expensive hotel in London, but then they decided to let me go when they realized I was quite keen to be arrested,” - Banksy's friend, Cartrain, making a spectacle of himself in the House of Commons visitors gallery.

Still one can forgive anyone who has also done this:

Cartrain's previous stunts include sneaking a fake exhibit into the British Museum. Last year artists including Banksy rallied to support him after he was arrested for taking a packet of pencils valued at £500,000 from Hirst's exhibition after the former Young British Artist's representatives threatened to sue Cartrain for making collages including photos of Hirst's work.