Quote For The Day IV

Every now and again, you stumble across a passage in literature that seems so fresh and contemporary, you sit up straight - or feel a cold chill go down your spine. A Dish reader was browsing through George Bernard Shaw's play, "Geneva" (Collected GBS, vol. V, pp. 687-88) and came across this exchange about a new figure on the political stage:

"What an amazing young woman! You really think she will get in?"

"Of course she will. She has courage, sincerity, good looks, and big publicity...Everything our voters love."

"But she hasn't a political idea in her head..[S]he is a complete ignoramus. She will give herself away everytime she opens her mouth."

"Not at all. She will say pluckily and sincerely just what she feels and thinks. You heard her say that there are lots of people in Camberwell who feel and think as she does. Well, the House of Commons is exactly like Camberwell in that respect."