Quote For The Day II

"My feeling about Don't Ask, Don't Tell was, in the middle of the height of the Iraq war, not a good time to do it. We're not in the middle of the height of the Iraq war. Afghanistan is a different kind of thing. You could probably accomplish it now. It's eventually going to happen and it seems to me that it gets my party out of this anti-gay, feeling that we're being unfair to people who are gay," - Rudy Giuliani.

We'll have, as I noted, a really great test for what exactly the rebranded GOP now is when it comes to this issue next month. I suspect Rudy is isolated - and the new Congress will be the most socially conservative and anti-gay in modern times. But I'd love to be proven wrong. And Rudy is right, I think, that it would be a very good move for the GOP to embrace this popular decision. Alas, I don't think they can - because of the very base that got them elected.