Palin's Alternate Reality

Is she incapable of acknowledging the real world? In her latest stunt, she brought cookies to a Christian school. She was protesting what she described thus in two tweets:

"Hmm...may bring cookies to my PA school speech tmrw to make a pt "PA mulls ban on cake/cookies/candy@ school parties.."

"2 PA school speech; I'll intro kids 2 beauty of laissez-faire via serving them cookies amidst school cookie ban debate;Nanny state run amok!"

She followed through, bringing cookies to the school. And I guess, fair's fair, if you want to make a point about government over-reach. The problem is: the policy she opposes doesn't actually exist. The story in the conservative Pittsburgh Tribune-Review was not accurate, as even the paper conceded in a correction:

The Pennsylvania Board of Education is strongly disputing the Tribune-Review's report and Palin's characterization of the proposal. Executive Director Adam Schott told CNN the story is "just not true." The Tribune-Review has since retracted its original story, and posted this correction on Tuesday:

"A story on page B1 of Monday's Tribune-Review incorrectly portrayed the Pennsylvania State Board of Education's proposed nutrition guidelines for school parties. The board is examining regulations to encourage schools to serve more nutritious foods. There are no mandates to do so."

I'm also told that Palin also mentioned in the speech that Bristol also accompanied her and Todd on what New York magazine called a "possibly fictitious" 3,000 + mile road trip in a motor-home from Alaska to L.A. I don't have time or the necessary masochism to listen to the entire speech myself, but if anyone can confirm that nugget, I can add it to the "odd lie" canon. I have long since given up much hope that reporters will actually try to nail this story down, even though it would be quite simple to figure it out.