Real Clear Politics reports that "SarahPAC recently hired Joshua Livestro – a Dutch newspaper columnist who has also contributed to the pro-Palin web site – to research [the European debt crisis] for Palin on a freelance basis." Frum is amazed:

[I]t’s hard for me to imagine any expert in any subject who wouldn’t feel it an imperative public duty to talk to Gov. Palin if asked. Instead she turns to a journalist with no formal training in economics and no experience in public finance. ... [W]hy is a potential president relying for economic advice on freelance journalists  rather than Nobel Prizewinners? It’s almost as if Gov. Palin finds the idea of expertise – not merely incomprehensible – but actively repugnant.

Well, there's always the danger that someone with more knowledge than she might actually disagree with her. And we can't have that.

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