Palinpalooza: The Final Stretch

Bask in the cognitive dissonance:

Enjoy the fragile ego:

“Some within the establishment don’t like the fact that I won’t back down to a good-old-boys club. A lot of this has to do with control, power, money.”

Watch the paranoid bonding:

Just two years ago, Tom Tancredo was a veritable outcast of the Republican Party. Karl Rove was screaming at him, John McCain scoffed at him, GOP pollsters viewed him as a saboteur within their midst. Tancredo's one issue--a near-apocalyptic warning about immigrant-driven dilution of American culture--was seen as radioactive among the Republican elite.

Ed Morrissey manages to spin all this as shrewd:

This plays well for Palin.  She gets to once again distance herself from the GOP party establishment while also adding to her reputation for political pragmatism.  The Republican nominee, Dan Maes, is a disaster for Republicans, and most Republicans have already shifted support from Maes to Tancredo.