Out To Get Her II

A reader writes:

I was hoping you'd ignore Ladybug-gate. O'Donnell publicly (and quickly) blamed her opponent for the Gawker story.

Sadly, she offered no details on how her opponent arm-twisted her friends to sell photos and a tacky story to a gossip website. Nor did she explain why her opponent would be more interested in her old Halloween costume instead of her finances. Oddly enough, Ladybug-gate completely buried the news of the resignation of her fifth campaign treasurer in two years. The Gawker story ran a mere two hours after the AP story on her treasurer. Guess the Lord works in mysterious ways.

Bottom line: I had sympathy for her until she used the Gawker smear to smear her opponent - without a scrap of corroboration that his campaign was in any way involved in this pathetic story.

The hook-up wasn't hypocritical, but O'Donnell celebrating Halloween appears to have been.