Moderates In The Wave?

Before the election, Boris Shor named 14 Republican candidates running in liberal districts. He expected that "these candidates–once they winto magically accumulate moderate and liberal voting records once they realize the next election is only two years away, in rather dangerous territory":

I’ve already written a bit about Scott Brown. My prediction after his election but before his arrival in Washington was that Brown, based on his voting record in the Massachusetts state legislature, would prove to be one of the most liberal Republicans in the US Senate, for which I was vilified a bit online. Now that we have nearly a year’s worth of votes behind us, I feel pretty good about that prediction. My estimate of Brown’s ideologyusing our NPAT common space data–is that he is the third most liberal Republican in the Senate, just behind Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins of Maine.

Of 2010 candidates listed by Shor, seven have won: Charlie Bass, Joe HeckRandy HultgrenLou BarlettaBobby SchillingPat Meehan and Sean Duffy. And two races were too close to call last time we looked: Ruth McClung and Andy Vidak. What's the Republican equivalent of a Blue Dog Democrat?