Mercede Talks About Trig

Money quote from Levi's sister, Tripp Palin's aunt, on the provenance of Trig:

If indeed they did fake the pregnancy, adopt, or switch a baby, well then that makes her the most evil and manipulative woman I have ever come across. But right now I still have no good reason to doubt that Sarah is the biological mother of Trig.

However, I do question why she has NEVER provided any proof to put the rumors to rest. I realize she is not obligated to do so, but why not shut everybody up? And then recently I heard that she gave the wrong location for his birth. How could she forget that he was born in Wasilla?

There are many unanswered questions, and I am sorry I cannot answer all of them for you. Believe me, I wish I could. It never occurred to me that there would ever be this level of speculation or I would have paid a lot more attention back then.

One thing Mercede is certain about is that Trig is not Bristol's son. But her point remains: why has Palin refused point-blank to provide any of the mounds of evidence she must have to put this story to bed?