Men Fake It Too?!

Tracy Clark-Flory looks at a new study on orgasms:

Clearly, the mechanics of this are a bit more challenging for dudes, but it becomes much easier if a condom is involved. In the survey of more than 200 college students, 25 percent of men admitted to faking it (compared to 50 percent of women).

The chief motivation for this carnal con was "that orgasm was unlikely or taking too long and that they wanted sex to end," reports Live Science. Most women, on the other hand, said their main reason for le faux petite mort was "to avoid negative consequences, like hurting their partner's feelings" (note that 50 percent of men also made this claim). These results left me wanting to know more about this rarely talked about deceit, so I called on some of my guy friends. My pal Jake says the only reason he sees for men faking it "is if you have had too much to drink and your junk is basically numb, and there is no way you're gonna get it."