It Isn't Just Airports

After noting that "if you think visitors to the the Douglas County, Colorado courthouse should pass through a full-body scanner, you’re insane," Apollo at Federalist Paupers writes:

The 4th Amendment allows for reasonable warrantless searches, but here we have a woman getting patted down because a nude image of her body revealed a piece of paper in her back pocket – that’s not reasonable. If this device is so wildly inaccurate (or if the security guards are so terribly trained) that it cannot tell the difference between something potentially dangerous and a Junior Deputy Sheriff sticker, then this is a goddamned sham. Phoney baloney nonsense designed to pat down everybody who gets summoned to jury duty or needs to register a corporation.

This is insane. It’s a jawdroppingly stupid waste of security resources... And to have it as a requirement before entering a courthouse – a building that people are legally obliged to enter – makes it doubly odious.