It Gets Better: David Cameron

Dan Savage is overjoyed:

[T]his is the leader of the Conservative Party in the UK. Try to picture a Republican politician making an [It Gets Better Project] videonot one that I'm aware of hasmuch less the leader of the GOP.


David Cameron isn't the first straight politician who has told bullied LGBT kids to go to their parents for support. Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, and Nancy Pelosipractically every straight politician who's made an IGBP video has said the same thing: go and ask mom and dad for help.

Between twenty and forty percent of homeless teenagers are LGBT kids and most of these homeless LGBT kids were thrown out of their homes when they came out or were outed to their families. It would be wonderful if all LGBT kids were lucky enough to have parents as supportive as Constance McMillen's are or as mine became. But all too often mom and dad are bullies toothey're usually the chief bullies, the worst bullies, the ones who do the most damage. (For an example of the bullying gay kids endure at the hands of their parents, check this out.)

Bullied LGBT kids should be encouraged to reach out, to find help, to seek support. But that support, sadly, can't always be found at home.