It Gets Better, Ctd

Dan Savage makes the salient point about Tory prime minister David Cameron's video appeal to gay youth. But ask yourself: why would a Republican politician not make such a video?

Why wouldn't Dick Cheney, for example?

You do not have to make any political argument for or against issues such as marriage or military service to oppose bullying gay teens and kids that can lead to suicide. Everyone should be able to agree on that, right? Even the Pope can agree on that. And yet no one has seized this chance to prove that their opposition to gay civil equality does not mean they're homophobes or unconcerned with bullying.

Imagine if Sarah Palin actually made a video directed at gay kids, encouraging them to hang in if they are bullied. What Republican principle would that even offend? Instead, when one of her own kids is publicly revealed using the term "faggot" against a peer, the kind of behavior that did indeed lie behind some of the recent suicides, Palin is silent.

Sometimes, the silence, uninterest and inaction are more eloquent than anything they actually say.