Ineffectual Solipsistic Hipsters

My kind of peeps. Heather Havrilesky salutes HBO's "Bored To Death" for accurately portraying writers:

One of the most pathetic (and therefore also one of the most accurate) depictions of the writer's life ever to grace the small screen, "Bored to Death" quite appropriately presents writing as the choice of the wilty, self-involved narcissist, the sort of self-pitying loser who encounters impossible deadlines, ambivalent girlfriends, disrespectful editors and oppressive corporate publishing overlords with the same flavor of whiny disbelief. To the random hardworking surgeon or lawyer or business professional on the street, such a character might appear the epitome of ineffectual hipster solipsism. To the writer (or to the aspiring artist, or to the oppressed creative drone, yearning to breathe free), though, such a character seems downright heroic.