Ignoring The Royals

David Aaronovitch declares, behind the London Times' paywall, that he isn't interested in the marriage of Prince William to what's-her-name. Norm Geras points out Aaronovitch's error:

[H]e's come out and said that he isn't interested and that he shares this lack of interest with many others. Can't he see that, by declaring a lack of interest, he's already partly caved in to the wave of interest he's lamenting? He's helped to feed it by adding his voice to the national conversation. What you've got to do is just totally ignore it. You show your lack of interest by not looking at anything about the royal wedding, not reading a single line, not even mentioning it. You say nothing at all. Like me.

Oh oh! I, too, am done for. I blame Aaronovitch; he set me up.

For those, unlike the Dish, who are following every detail of the engagement, Tina Brown's musings are among the best. Money quote:

What could [Kate] possibly have been doing all those years of trying to look busy? As she put it in the engagement interview, “working really hard” at the family business that sells children’s toys and paraphernalia based in Ashampstead, near their home in Berkshire. Now that she’s engaged to be married to the second in line to the throne, her life is about to get more boring still.