If Prop 19 Goes Down ...

... it will have something to do with the attitude of this reader:

On the eve of the election here in CA, I feel quite sanguine about the prospects for Prop 19. Not because I feel it will likely pass. I honestly have no idea if it will pass. No, I'm not worried because I'm about to legally smoke a joint right now. It's called medical cannabis, and although it's nothing more than a scam for most of us, it's a really good scam!

I actually had a conversation with a friend yesterday, also an inveterate pot smoker, in which he maintained that he prefers Prop 19 not pass, because it will draw unwanted attention to the scam we've already got going on. So for me, wanting Prop 19 to pass is about society. It's bad for society to lock people up for something harmless. It's bad for society to create a massive class of scofflaws. It's bad for society to lose out on all that revenue. But it's not really all that bad for me.