Goldblog's Straw Man, Ctd

One of the relieving aspects of the Wikileaks docu-dump is that Jeffrey Goldberg no longer has to muddy his newly-discovered support for war against Iran. He is now eagerly touting the views of the Arab dictators he still says he opposes (especially when they oppose the Israeli government), just as he is constantly finding excuses for Israel's continued colonization of the West Bank, which he also says he opposes. I leave it to him to think through this maze, but he is wrong to say that my view has been that

it is a group of warmongering Jews -- alone -- who seek to ignite World War III.

Not all neoconservatives are Jewish, and I have never claimed as such. Does Jeffrey think I don't know that Dick Cheney and Sarah Palin, for example, desperately want war with Iran? And, as you can readily see in the posts I have cited, I have long known and written about Sunni Arab autocrats' desire for Israel and the US to launch World War III against Iran for them. Jeffrey and I were at the same meeting two years ago when I directly challenged the King of Jordan on this very question. I was as passionate in defense of what I believe is in the interests of the West when debating a Sunni autocrat as when tackling the noble lies of the neocons. But that fact, which Jeffrey knows all too well, would muddy the smear that my position is some version of anti-Semitism. That same old lie. Always the same old lie.

The fact is that Jeffrey is simultaneously arguing that these Arab dictators need to be pushed to emancipate their oppressed populaces, while also arguing that the US should take their advice on launching a war against Iran (which they disguise from their people because their oppressed populaces loathe the US and Israel even more than they fear Iran). I just don't see how you can both want to expose the autocrats in the Arab world and use their cynicism and self-serving advice to guide US foreign policy. One or the other, please.

More sigificantly, look at what Jeffrey's war would actually mean. It would mean that the US would be allied with both Israel and the Sunni Arab dictators - against the mass of oppressed people in the Arab and Muslim world and against the Green Movement in Iran. Now try and square that with the neoconservative vision (circa 2001) that they key to defeating Jihadism is to win over the people of the Arab and Muslim world with democracy, and thereby help Iranians shuck off their disgusting dictatorship as well.

Their position now is almost 180 degrees from their position then, which is why I am so mad at myself for taking their arguments at face value then. They want the US to ally with the most repressive forces in the region against the Muslim and Arab and Persian masses. And they think that this will somehow serve the interests of the US. This is why my frustration with the neocons is so deep. None of it makes sense - unless it is about the short-term shoring up of Israel's power and nuclear monopoly, without Israel even offering the minimal concession necessary to construct a Palestinian state.