Gerrymandering Gone Wild

A reader writes:

After reading your posts about Prop 20, I think you should have a daily post showing some of the most ridiculous districts. Here are a few of my favorites:

File:AZ-districts-109-02.gif - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia_1288819275065

Yes, this district snakes through the Colorado River on its way into a Navajo reservation.  Absurd.

File:Pa12 109.gif - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia_1288819387925

Looks like a boat anchor.

Another writes:

The "Yoshi" district?  That's nothing.  Try Illinois 4, a massively gerrymandered district that has been represented by Luis Gutierrez for 18 years:

File:IL04 109.gif - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia_1288819517089

I can't even think of a good name for this one ... Vice clamp?

Slate made a slideshow of many more.