Faces Of The Day


Golnaz Esfandiariexplains:

Iranian oppositionists have launched a campaign in support of studentMajid Tavakoli, who was arrested on Students Day on December 7 aftergiving a passionate speech during an antigovernment protest at Tehran’sAmir Kabir University. The semi-official Fars news agency posted pictures of Tavakoli dressed as a woman after he reportedly tried to escape by disguising himself. Fars paired a pictureof Tavakoli with one of Abol Hassan Bani Sadr, Iran’s first presidentafter the 1979 revolution, who reportedly escaped in 1981 disguised asa woman. In solidarity with Tavakoli, some Iranian men aretaking pictures of themselves while wearing the Islamic hijab, which iscompulsory for women in Iran, and posting the pictures on Facebook.

More photos here. A Dish reader points to a Facebook group called "FREE MAJID TAVAKOLI مجید توکلی را آزاد کنید". Its photo gallery here. The reader writes:

This is one of those rare moments of hilarity in the midst of tragedy. The Gov. websites published pictures of him inladies cover to imply that he was arrested while trying to flee indrag. So a way to humiliate him has been transformed into praise for his bravery.

One of those photos of Tavakoli after the jump: