Dogs vs Pigs: Why Do We Eat What We Eat?

Goldblog responds to Nicolette Hahn Niman and explains why he doesn't want us to eat either:

What [Niman] fails to mention anywhere in her argument is another fundamental difference between pigs and dogs: Pigs are smart, whereas dogs are dumb, which is why it was so easy for humans to domesticate them in the first place. Science has proven that pigs are among the smartest animals on the planet (up there with dolphins and non-human primates) and one consequence of having a brain is that pigs, as Jonathan Safran Foer has shown, can sense that they are destined to die well before they are actually slaughtered. ...

Dogs should not be eaten because of their unique qualities and their unique relationship with humans, but pigs should not be eaten because they are noble and intelligent creatures.

Obligatory scene above.