Disturbing Online Firsts: Abortion Voting

This may well be a hoax. The basics: a couple put up an online poll to allegedly decide whether or not the wife, who is pregnant, should have an abortion. Allahpundit runs through the possibilities:

Gawker’s three theories: (1) They’re attention whores, (2) it’s a pro-life satire on how casually some people treat abortion, (3) they’re serious. I’m thinking it has to be number two. First, if they really are pro-choice, this is the worst possible thing they could do to advance that cause short of, say, filming themselves high-fiving during the procedure. Second, per a bit of background provided by Life News, they’ve already lost two pregnancies recently to miscarriage and the mother lost another when she was 20. A normal couple in that position (especially one with no children) would be desperate to see this one carried to term, not cavalier to the point of treating it as some sort of morbid civics experiment. But then, admittedly, no matter which of the three theories proves true, this is no normal couple.

Amanda Marcotte agrees that it's likely a pro-life stunt.