Disturbing Online Firsts: Abortion Voting, Ctd

Jeff Fecke tracks down the husband from this website. Amanda Marcotte summarizes:

Jeff discovered that the Web site owner, Pierre "Pete" Arnold, has worked for a right-wing radio talk show and blogged for an anti-choice right-wing Web site. He's also run other poorly done parody sites. He's also quite likely to be a man who trolls progressive wikis, vandalizing entries on reproductive rights.

But the most telling detail of all is the way the Web site presents pro-choicers, as people who somehow love abortion so much they would deliberately get pregnant just to have one. Even if you think that a fetus has no moral value at all, it's completely silly to think that women enjoy abortions. That's like suggesting someone eats a lot of candy not because they like the candy, but because they really want that root canal.