Dissents Of The Day

A reader writes:

You write, "The idea that we should all abide by rules that Palin herself freely violates - her family 'privacy' my ass - is surrender to her double standards." I don't know about you, but I abide by all kinds of rules that Palin herself freely violates, including rules about honesty, revenge and incitement to hatred. I don't consider living by my own standards to be a surrender to anyone. (And yes, my standards include not making a national issue out of a sixteen-year-old's stupid slurs.)

Another writes:

I accept wholeheartedly the refrain from judgment upon high schooler Willow Palin for her casual caustic remarks to a peer on some message board. But let's be serious and say that we all know where this is headed. First Bristol - who is in the public spotlight she sought, and is NOT a high schooler - defended her sister with some salty language and mean-spritedness instinctively and immediately.

Bristol, it should be noted, is not just a quasi-"celeb" due to her DWTS participation, but some form of national spokesperson for an abstinence forum, as well as a highly-compensated guest speaker on a "lecture" circuit. Even this is not enough to declare open season on her younger sister however.

But what is unquestionably coming, and sooner than later, is the rinse-repeat reaction of her mother, who will conspire with her inner-circle to form the most advantageously-worded condemnation of "elites" and the left "dragging families (!!) into their criticism unfairly" while reminding again that children should be out of bounds and family attacks are indefensible. Then, in the predictable aftermath, she will place the trials of what her family is being put through front and center in her eternal narrative of taking on the evil forces of the left and the persecution of her loved ones. Can hauling Willow out like a prop on the lecture circuit be far behind?

No, it surely cannot.