Delay, Delay, Delay

Larison is frustrated by the GOP stalling of START:

As Republican numbers go up, the chances of the treaty’s ratification go down. We all know this. This isn’t a choice between ratifying in December and ratifying in January. It is a choice between voting on the treaty, and delaying consideration of the treaty on the Senate floor for months or even longer. If the treaty is worth supporting and should be ratified, it really does matter that this happen now. The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs describes the treaty as “essential” to national security. Maybe he’s exaggerating for effect, but I don’t think that’s true in this case. I don’t know of other things that are deemed “essential” to national security that can be put off until much later and perhaps indefinitely.

But, as we know, the only truly coherent principle behind the current GOP is not a strong defense or a balanced budget or reduced spending. It is simply making Barack Obama a one-term president. Compared with that, what's so important about START?