Could Prop 19 Have Passed In 2008?

Mike Meno highlights a new poll:

- 50 percent of California voters believe the use of marijuana should be made legal, regardless of their feelings on Prop. 19.
- 52 percent of voters believe our marijuana laws do more harm than good, agreeing that, “Like alcohol prohibition, laws against marijuana do more harm than good.” Only 37 percent disagreed with this statement.
- 31 percent of people who voted “no” on Prop. 19 believe marijuana should be legal, and agreed to the statement, “I believe marijuana should be legalized or penalties for marijuana should be reduced, but I opposed some of the specifics of Proposition 19.”
- 44 percent of voters believe legalization is inevitable, including 25 percent who voted against Prop. 19.


The survey’s most striking find is that if youth voters had turned out last week in the numbers they typically do during a presidential election year, Proposition 19 would have been statistically tied, with 49 percent voting yes to 51 voting no.

Paul Armentano brings us some less happy news: anti-marijuana California Attorney General candidate Steve Cooley has pulled ahead in the vote count.