Christianity And Markets

On his television show, Bill Maher posed a question to Mike Huckabee about how a Christian could support a private health care system where people profit from illness. Tony Woodlief says that Huckabee should've answered as follows:

As a Christian, I recognize that man is a fallen, selfish being. If he were angelic, we would need no police, no laws, no government. But you and I know, though you are an atheist and I a Christ-follower, that mankind is reliably, unshakably self-interested. He cares more about himself, and perhaps his family and friends, than he does complete strangers.

How then will you compel him to set aside resources for the sick, or study medicine, or invent new technology to cure their diseases? Exhortations on billboards? Compulsory medical school? Technology labs run by the same people who give us the Post Office, and TSA?

The reality is this: there is no system of economic organization that produces more valuable discoveries, and greater advances in health and prosperity, than a free market. Embracing the historically failed economic policies that you prefer will only hurt people in the long run, by diminishing their prosperity, their dignity, and ultimately their health. And that is decidedly unChristian.