Chill. Enjoy Thanksgiving

Scott F. Aikin and Robert B. Talisse offer some holiday advice:

First, stay home on Thanksgiving weekend.  Do not shop on “Black Friday.”  Sleep in instead.  Spend time with your family; relax, eat leftovers, have a drink, watch a movie, take a walk.  The shopping malls will survive, the sales will continue, the shelves will remain stocked.  You have plenty of time.

No doubt some will dispute that last claim.  They will say that time is short, and that they need the long Thanksgiving weekend in order make a dent in their Christmas shopping list.  Hence the second front of our war on Christmas:

Second, rethink gift-giving.  It is a simple and lamentable fact that the percentage of the Christmas gifts you receive that are useless to you is pretty high.  Yes, it’s the thought that counts.  But if it’s the thought that counts, then it is perfectly acceptable for people to exchange the kind of gift that cannot be purchased in a store, namely, the gift of time.  Tell the adults on your Christmas list that this year you’re giving them the gift of free time; you are releasing them from the obligation to buy for you a gift, and you are encouraging them to spend in some other way the time they would otherwise spend at the mall purchasing a material gift for you.