Cantor Pre-Empts Clinton, Ctd

A reader writes:

It's funny that a reader brought up Nancy Pelosi going to Syria as precedent for Eric Cantor's trip, considering what he had to say about that specific matter over at the National Review:

Presenting Assad with 'a new Democratic alternative' code for making President Bush look feckless Mrs. Pelosi usurped the executive branch’s time-honored foreign-policy authority. [...] Several leading legal authorities have made the case that her recent diplomatic overtures ran afoul of the Logan Act, which makes it a felony for any American 'without authority of the United States' to communicate with a foreign government to influence that government’s behavior on any disputes with the United States.

So three years ago Cantor condemned and questioned the legality of Pelosi doing in Syria exactly what he just did with Israel.

Cantor is the classic Beltway pol: if they do it, it's treason; if I do it, it's patriotism.