America In One Photo? Ctd


A reader writes:

That photo from Georgia made me think of this one, taken in my home state of Texas.

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Liberty Memphis-style

Another writes:

I drove by this church on my second day in Memphis. It was an apt introduction.



I was surprised to find this message on the gas pump in Fayette County, GA while home for Thanksgiving.


I almost fell over when I saw this pic featured on the Dish. It was taken approximately  11 miles from the home in which I grew up (I'm from Dublin, GA; this JesusInDudleysign is located in Dudley, GA, and serves as the beacon for Dudley Baptist Church). The sign was an absolutely monstrous fixture of my childhood. We had to pass by it almost any time we left town to head west, usually to Macon for shopping, etc.

About ten or so years ago, over a holiday break, I stopped on the way home from shopping and took this photo, which I find superior. (I played a trick with the "DIESEL" sign in the back, and I managed to get a waft of heavenly light at the top of the photo. Also, it was of the older, original sign that had been deteriorating for years as it waited for the church to take up enough money to buy a new sign, which is the shiny one from your photo.)

Ever since I captured that photo, I have had it hanging in my home wherever I travel, as an ironic reminder of my Southern youth.