AIPAC's Civil War

It's getting extremely ugly between AIPAC and AIPAC's former guru, Steve Rosen. Rosen is now suing the organization for terminating him after he was allegedly reviewing classified Pentagon documents, an activity he claims was "common practice at the organization." AIPAC is fighting back with vile tactics that may backfire:

During its deposition of Rosen, AIPAC’s lawyer Thomas L. McCally clearly tried to make his confessions of pornography and philandering the central issues in his dismissal. Rosen shot back that he had "witnessed" AIPAC's executive director Howard Kohr "view... pornographic images on AIPAC computers," as well as "his secretary do it repeatedly, and call people over to see it, including Howard Kohr." He said he "witnessed other members of staff do it," too.


“After reading this stuff, you feel like you need to wash your hands,” one pro-Israel activist said after skimming through the 260-page document, which is laced with graphic descriptions and invasive personal details.

Rosen, for good measure, was supported by AIPAC donors after he had been terminated to the tune of $670,000. Some caution, however, is merited in interpreting the released depositions:

Depositions in the filing are heavily redacted, with AIPAC excerpting only those portions that would seemingly support its motion to dismiss.

Rosen, who is suing AIPAC for $20 million, said Tuesday that his lawyers would file a counter motion by Dec. 2 with fuller excerpts and more material.“We're going to show in our brief most of the reasons they're giving in this thing played no role in my firing,” he said, noting as an example that his bosses were made aware of the pornography on his hard drive months before he was fired.

MJ Rosenberg gloats a little here.