A TV Ready Conservative

Alex Pareene takes aim at SE Cupp:

Her "diary" is some of the laziest P.J. O'Rourke-indebted humor writing you'll find outside a college newspaper. You are a dumb coastal elite liberal wimp, but she drinks bourbon and shoots shotguns! And lol France! They're all gay! Her "I watch NASCAR" shtick is a degree of magnitude more insulting to Middle America than the usual confused befuddlement with which coastal liberals view the hinterlands. She, not Katrina vanden Huevel, is the one who thinks every resident of a flyover state is a beer-swilling moron. (Cupp was born in California, raised in Andover, Mass., and has degrees from Cornell and New York University. She lives in New York. She totally "gets" Real America way better than you!)

Cupp is proof that being a Young Conservative -- especially a TV-ready one willing to cynically tell the rubes that ignorance is noble -- is a much easier way to make a living than legitimate journalism.

As proof, he cites this Cupp quote:

I don’t really care that polar bears may not live to see the birth of my great-grandkids, or that I just shot a deer with my 12-gauge, since it will make for really tasty jerky, and I probably just prevented 14 future car accidents. I would fish every trout out of the Housatonic River if they let me, and grill them up with some lemon and dill. Catch-and-release is for wimps, and nature’s bounty is mine for the taking.