A Cheeseburger Chip

Andrew Womack gags over Doritos® Late Night® All Nighter Cheeseburger® Flavored Tortilla Chips:

Let’s put aside the fact that these tortilla chips aren’t going to deliver the jocular good times their name implies. Let’s put aside that a real cheeseburger is likely a healthier food choiceexcept let’s not, because the ingredients list shows THEY ACTUALLY PUT A CHEESEBURGER IN THERE. Yes, that burger’s been powdered, but it’s right there: “natural beef flavor.” And also cheese (Swiss cheese, even). And yeastfor the bun? There is also protein.

But no, let’s put even that aside. Because what makes DLNANCFTC so repulsive, so unforgivably awfula Tea Party in your mouth, if you willis that you’re now eating a shelf-stable hamburger. They couldn’t sell it to you in a box at Target, so they put it in a bag of chips.